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Cell Volume of Screen Rollers

The below mentioned values for wet application of coating on printed sheets shall help to determine the gravure data of screen rollers.

These values are based on the theoretical cell volumes indicated by the company Kurt Zecher GmbH. It is assumed that the cell volume of the screen roller must be 3 to 4 times higher than the desired wet application amount.

With the same gravure data, the wet application amount is higher when a low-viscosity coating is used, and lower when a high-viscosity coating is used.

These values are to be regarded as guideline values as the applied coating amount depends on several factors, such as gravure data, viscosity, solid content of the coating, nature of the printing stock and others.

Dispersion Coating: 1,0...1,1 g/cm³
UV Coating: 1,0...1,2 g/cm³

- Please see attached chart -

09 June 2006 - 001/lh

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Chart of Cell Volumes
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